Original Print (etchings)

Irene Klar often works in the print medium to create original limited edition etchings. Each image is etched with acid into a metal plate. Longer exposure to the acid yields a deeper bite which in turn, holds more ink and therefore results in darker shades. Irene usually uses zinc or copper for the plate material. A few solar plates are in her portfolio offerings as well. The plates are inked and each proof is pulled by hand, one at a time. One inking results in one proof. Supplemental colours may be added to the print by the artist using watercolours. All etchings are printed on acid-free rag paper. The proof and edition number is written at the bottom left of the image. Irene notes the date the plate was released and the year in which she signed and hand-coloured each proof on the back of the paper – “Plate: 2019. Handcoloured by Irene KLAR’ 2020”

Please click on the thumbnail below to see the full image. The following etchings are available.