Welcome to Irene Klar Studio

Irene Klar has just moved her studio south… to Tucson, Arizona!

That will not stop her travels and excitement at experiencing the color and pattern of far-reaching cultures and places. Two month long trips to China led to several village market paintings. Those common threads of color, pattern and textiles have inspired her paintings for nearly 40 years.

She has found the beauty in the people and places around the globe from North Africa to India, South America to the Alaska coast. People are united by their creative responses to similar design problems.

Please enjoy the artwork and the related gift items.

Featured Works

  • Night Sky Canoe

    Image Size: 6.5 X 13”
    Edition Size: 100
    Hand printed with watercolour added.

    In 2019, I printed a small edition of only 18 prints called Sky Canoe. I decided to rework the plate in order to intensify the sky and to add a constellation to the composition. The plate had a new aquatint applied and was re-etched. The result is Night Sky Canoe.

  • Night of Falling Stars

    Image Size: 9 X 22”
    Edition Size: 250
    Hand printed with watercolour added.

    This starstruck image was inspired by the Perseid Meteor shower which takes place in August. The Lakota refer to it as the Night of Falling Stars. What a perfect title for this etching.


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