We are pleased that the book: Common Threads: the etchings of Irene Klar was so well received. The consequence is that it is now out of print. Hopefully you will find a copy somewhere to enjoy!

This beautiful 88 page book contains 40 full-colour plates of etchings by Irene Klar. A comprehensive foreword by noted curator and art historian Roger Boulet includes detailed background information on printmaking and on Irene Klar's place in that world. The reader will not only gain a unique insight into the life and work of Irene Klar, but will learn how original etchings are created and what distinguishes them from limited edition art reproductions.

Each etching image in the book is accompanied by a brief insight by the artist about that particular work. As well, there are sequential illustrations that show the development of the plate from initial sketch through to completed print.

Well known for her sensitive and subtle celebration of indigenous peoples from around the world, their textiles and patterns, this is the first book which captures the essence of Irene Klar's art. It is a fascinating book to own, and will make a wonderful gift for those who love fine art.

"Common Threads: The Etchings of Irene Klar" - out of print.